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Nexgen 2000 PLC

Features: Powerful yet economical plc suitable up to 256 I/O (local and remote) Supports local as well distributed I/O connectivity using built-in can open master Large memory: 128 kb application, 32 kb data, 48 kb file marker Supports multitasking, floating point arithmetic, PID, trigonometric, logarithmic and string handling etc. Supports proven FB libraries of nexgen-5000 plc Supports mod bus master & slave function Disk on CPU for storage of complete project file with comments Wide range of digital I/O modules Standard I/O modules with embedded intelligence Two high speed counters on each mixed I/O module Programmable pulse catch & input filter time PTO in mixed I/O modules with dc outputs Fast analog I/O modules: high resolution, V/I Serial communication and Ethernet interface gateway modules.



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